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Located along Interstate 90 between central Washington State across northern Idaho and into central Montana, the I-90  Aerospace Corridor is an integrated network of over 200 companies and organizations actively engaged in the aerospace industry.

Collaborative by nature, the I-90 aerospace supply chain is one the country’s most progressive integrated consortium of aerospace manufacturers with a significant number of capabilities, quality assurances and certifications.

Over 250 trucking companies transport product along the I-90 corridor, two class one rail systems move goods from coast to coast and Spokane International Airport offers multiple daily nonstop flights to Seattle and other destinations throughout the United States.

The affordable cost of living, award-winning education at over 25 colleges and universities, and excellent lifestyle opportunities combined with the area’s competitive cost of doing business, create an outstanding environment for businesses. This is a unique and scenic location for you, and your employees and their families, to live, learn, work and play.


The I-90 Aerospace Corridor has an extensive infrastructure in place along with capacity for growth. The region includes an abundance of affordable land primed for development, and underutilized FAA regulated airspace accessible for commercial and military use. The foundation of the I-90 aerospace supply chain is built on its proximity to Puget Sound and Boeing’s final assembly lines.


The I-90 aerospace supply chain has a proven history as a leader in providing production and services throughout the aircraft interiors and aero structures sectors. In addition to having companies  who provide finishing services such as coating, painting, plating and anodizing the region has many MRO service providers.

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